Luftwaffe Fighters (Late) - Textilní pásy 1/24 - 124006

Textilní pásy určené pro plastové modely letadel. Pásy jsou vyrobené z opravdového textilního mikrovlákna a v kombinaci s přiloženými fotoleptanými přezkami působí v kokpitu velice realisticky. Tento produkt je k dispozici v měřítku 1/24.

199,00 Kč


HGW models SEATBELTS in 1:24 scale

  • textile sheeting, metallic buckles
  • it is possible to make seat belts fully functional - un/buckle, un/fasten them
  • made by micro-textile material which behaves like a rag
  • set contains seat belts for 2 seats
  • textile parts are prepared to using filters - it leads to darkening shades - and these are also waterproofed andresistant to normal nonaggresive modeller preparations
  • photo-etched parts were developed in cooperation with Eduard company



This set contains printed and photoetched parts. Choose the belt and trim on dotted line using  very sharp knife. Trim to required length according to the type of seatbelt. Using fingers munch into little ball. Flatten out and thread through photoetched parts. Glue using white glue, do not use chemical glue that eches plastic. When applying, look at photos of cockpit of individual cars.  After glued and shaped, paint with matt varnish.


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