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Seznam několika recenzí našich výrobků. Pokud víte o nějakých další článcích, budeme rádi, když nám dáte vědět. Pokud máte v úmyslu vzít si nějaký náš výrobek do parády dejte nám vědět.

Luftwaffe Fighters - Standard / Early Seatbelts 1/48

recenzováno Original und Modell


Fokker D.VII Seatbelts 1/48

recenzováno Original und Modell


Fw 190D-9 Super Nýtovací Sada

recenzováno SP&R

"HGW are a pretty innovative company, and I quite like to use their products where I can."

1/35 CAMO NETTING U.S. 1940-1960

recenzováno na DetailScaleView

"I think that this technology has bright future."

1:32 German seatbelt sets (various)

recenzováno Britmodellerem

"I’m a big fan of these sets, and really don’t like to build a project without a set of compatible belts from HGW."

B-17 Flying Fortress Seatbelts (2 sets)

recenzováno Britmodellerem

"These are without doubt the most realistic seatbelts on the market at this time."

Wet Transfer Stencils

recenzováno Britmodellerem

"It’s interesting to see a new variation on the theme."

Seatbelt sets 1/32 & 1/24

recenzováno Britmodellerem

"Whilst these two sets are superb, even in these larger scales, the construction is remarkably fiddly with threading the straps through the various metal parts, but the impression given once assembled is quite amazing."

Hawker Typhoon Mk.1b Seatbelts 1/24

recenzováno Britmodellerem

"A brilliant & innovative product that I will use wherever possible in my models."

HGW Mokré Transfery

recenzováno na Modelplacu

"Takže za mě, Mokré transfery od HGW určitě ano, můžu jen doporučit."

FE.2b Cocpit Decal Set 1/32

reviewed by ModelWeb

"...a co teď budeme dělat s olejovkami?"

Fokker E.I / E.IV Super Detail Sets 1:32

recenzováno SP&R

"These particular sets [...] provide some excellent upgraded detail of which I think all parts are worthy of being included in your project."

Thunderbolt Riveting Set 1:72

recenzováno Aeroscale

"Unique details for a specific kit that notes structural details."

Fokker Eindecker Seatbelts 1:32

recenzováno SP&R

"Go on, treat your WNW kit. It's worth it!"

HGW Paint Racks

video-review by DetailScaleview

Riveting Set for Tamiya A6M5 ZERO 1:48

recenzováno DetailScaleview

"Was it worth it? I would say yes. Yeah!"

F4U-1 Corsair Belts 1:32

recenzováno LSP

"I have no doubt the result will be superior to standard photo-etched solutions pre-printed or otherwise."

Rib Tape "Decal"1:48

recenzováno Britmodeller

"This is a great product, and well worth purchasing if you are looking to improve the look of your fabric covered aircraft."

Luftwaffe Fighters Seat Belts 1:32

recenzováno LSP

"I have no doubt the result will be superior to standard photo-etched solutions."

P-61B Black Widow Seat Belts 1:32

recenzováno LSP

"Thanks to HGW for producing the set and thanks again to my wallet for buying it."

recenzováno Aeroscale

"Good quality items for a modern kit."

5 Colour Lozenge Aircraft Rib Tape 1:32

recenzováno LSP

"This set offers the opportunity to add some really nice extra detail to a WWI build with a lozenge-pattern finish."

Hannover Cl.II Super Detail Set 1:32

recenzováno LSM

"This is still a superb set, offering some rather nice touches to which will certainly enhance the base model kit."

Sopwith Snipe 'Super Detail Sets' 1:32

recenzováno LSM

"Definitely a great set."

Fokker D.VII Super Detail Set 1:32

recenzováno LSM

"I'm very pleased that HGW have included extra detail in the Surface Detail aspect of this kit."

Microfibre Seatbelts 1:32 and 1:48

recenzováno SP&R

"These belts look amazing when put together, and you really should check out their website and avail yourself of a few."

Microfibre Seatbelts 1:32

recenzováno SP&R

"I love these sets. I think they are superb."