Luftwaffe Fighters (Early) - Textilní pásy 1/24 - 124501

Textilní pásy od HGW Models vyrobené ze skutečného mikrovlákna jsou ideálním doplňkem pro váš model letadla. V této variantě jsou pásy laserem předřezané a určené pro modely v měřítku 1/24.

262,00 Kč

Luftwaffe Fighter Early/Standard - LASER

HGW models SEATBELTS in 1:24 scale

  • textile sheeting, metallic buckles
  • it is possible to make seat belts fully functional - un/buckle, un/fasten them
  • made by micro-textile material which behaves like a rag
  • set contains seat belts for 2 seats
  • textile parts are prepared to using filters - it leads to darkening shades - and these are also waterproofed andresistant to normal nonaggresive modeller preparations
  • photo-etched parts were developed in cooperation with Eduard company



1. Take the precut textile part out of the sheet

2. Remove supporting paper

3. Crumple the belt into a little ball and knead it between the fingers

4. Thread the belts through the buckles – use superglue

5. Put the belts into the seat

6. Spray by the glossy varnish

8. Spray by matt varnish

7. Impregnate the belts with very diluted oil colour (mix of black and brown) – it will highlight the texture


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