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He was just a young poor boy but he was open-minded, Jan Bobek (53, member of IPMS Liberec) had a lot of ideas with potential to change the world. Textile seat belts idea is dated to 2009 and it was followed by several great inventions with positive riveting as the most brilliant.

Honestly, at first everything around HGW looked like good fun (for us at least) but our products started to be reviewed all over the world with very good score, as consultants a lot of great Czech modellers started to cooperate with us and so it was 2010 when we started with assembly-line production.

We are still trying to stay in this all_is_just_a_piece_of_fun mode but also we are working and improving our producing technologies. The most important is probably switch to laser-cut seat belts. As our chief visionary and modelmaking guru Jan Bobek said: „There is no time for useless modesty, we are the best in the world!“ As proof our cooperation with the most innovative Czech companies can serves. HpH company, producer of outstanding resin kits, adds our belts to all its models. European leader in plastic scale modelling, Eduard company, added some HGW products to their offering and we are cooperating on number of next projects.

Besides textile seat belts and positive riveting, we are focused on wood grain decals and also on decals imitating fabric and lozenge surfaces. At the moment we are working on several projects designed for Wingnut Wings kits.