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F4U-1 Corsair - Seatbelts 1/32 - 132527

Accessory designed for great model aircraft by Tamiya. Seat belts from HGW Models are laser-cut so it is easy-to-use product. Set contains micro fabric belts and photo etched buckles suitable for large scale planes in 1/32 scale.
Price Kč241.00
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Single Lines - Rivets 0.60 mm 1/48 - 482011

Set consists of free lines of positive rivets in 1/48 scale. Riveting sets from HGW Models give to surfaces of plastic kits highly realistic look. We recommend to apply them under the paint and when your model is painted just polish the surface to make the accessory visible.
Price Kč112.00
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F6F Hellcat - Seatbelts 1/48 - 148009

Micro-plastic seat belts designed for aircraft F6F Hellcat. Belts are made from micro-plastic foil and in combination with attached photo etched buckles they look highly realistic. This product is available in 1/48 scale.
Price Kč157.00
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F4U-1 Corsair - Stencils 1/32 - 232012

Stencils for F4U-1 Corsair model in 1/32 scale. Wet transfer technology means that decal doesn't leave any signs of varnish or typical film after its application, so only text or symbols stay attached to the surface.
Price Kč395.00
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