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Access Templates Plus - Positive Rivets 1/48 - 482019

Set consists of positive rivets in 1/48 scale and photo-etched templates made from nickel silver. Riveting sets from HGW Models give to surfaces of plastic kits highly realistic look. We recommend to apply them under the paint and when your model is painted just polish the surface to make the accessory visible.



HGW models Free Lines in 1:48 scale





1. Spray the model by Surfacer 1.000 or 1.200 (GSI, Tamiya),

2. Cut required lenght of nails,

3. Remove top foil and soak in water (cca 20 sec.) - use like an ordinary decal,

4. Apply and push the water from below the decal and let dry for cca 3 hours,

5. Finally, unstick the foil (use tweezers) and carefully wash marks caused by transfer glue.


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