Bf 109G-6 - Riveting Set 1/32 - 321019

Complete pack of positive rivets for Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 in 1/32 scale. Riveting sets from HGW Models give to surfaces of plastic kits highly realistic look. We recommend to apply them under the paint and when your model is painted just polish the surface to make the accessory visible. Suitable for Revell kit.


TIP: We recommend to apply rivets under the paint and when the model is painted just polish the surface to make this accessory visible (check gallery below the article).

Be sure that riveting sets are really very accurate and we are working in HGW with 0.1 mm tolerance. Everything is prepared the way it isn't needed to adjust or to cut anything in your plastic kit.


  1. Convenient undercoat is Mr. Surfacer 1000 or Mr. Base White 1000.*
  2. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth, remove dust and grease.
  3. Cut the required part from riveting sheet.
  4. Remove top translucent paper and dip rivets in the warm water for approx. 15 seconds.
  5. When rivets are separated from its carrier paper apply them on the surface. We recommend to use a spot of Mr. Mark Softer.
  6. Find appropriate position and then push the liquid from below the transfer. The purpose is to get each rivet in touch with the surface.
  7. Let it dry for min. 2 hours, but optimal time could be e.g. over the night.
  8. Finally pull of the top transparent foil / film with sharp tweezers and clean the marks caused by transfer glue.

* While application on coloured surfaces it is needed to make a test of adhesion and of time which is necessary for appropriate attaching of rivets. Generally the smoother surface the more time needed.


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