LVG C.VI - Hřebíčkovací sada 1/32 - 321009

Sada kompletních pozitivních hřebíků pro LVG C.VI v měřítku 1/32. Hřebíčkovací sety od HGW Models dodávají povrchům plastových modelů mnohem realističtější vzhled. Tento doplněk je vhodný pro stavebnici od Wingnut Wings.

262,00 Kč

LVG C.VI (Wingnut Wings)

HGW models Aeroplane Nail SET in 1:32 scale

In general, riveting sets/airplane nail sets serve for "riveting" of plastic model aircraft kits. By using HGW sets it takes cca 3 hours "to rivet" whole aircraft in 1:32 scale and 2 hours for 1:48 scale. Result is completely precisely "riveted" model kit which is prepared for painting and any other final works.


We used Japanese documents for preparation of our riveting sets - seemed to be the most serious. The biggest problem was to harmonize the form of real aircraft with its minimized form which is different depending on the variety of producers. For this reason you don´t have to modify (abrade/cut/whatever) any part of your plastic model. We´ve been worked with 0,1 mm tolerance and it just fits perfectly.



1. Clean model surface by wet cloth. Optional undercoat is Mr. Surfacer 1000 or Base White.

2. Cut each design out of decal sheet and dip them in warm water (30 - 40°C) for 10 - 15 seconds.

3. Check with finger tip if design loose on base paper. If so place it in proper position on model and slide of base paper leaving design on model.

4. Apply Mr. Mark Softer for undercoat. Move design to exact position with wet finger tip and push out excess of Mr. Mark Softer, water and air bubles which are under the decal - use soft coton cloth.

5. Let the decal dry for cca 2 hours.

6. Unstick the foil cafefully and wash marks caused by trasfer glue.


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